Interesting Ted Videography LLC

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I want a video! What's the process?

Contact me!

1. Send me an email, text, or call.

2. Be sure to provide your name and contact info.

3. Include any details you have about the video you wish to produce.

Meeting in Person #1

1. We meet in person over food or coffee. (or a drink if that's more your style)

2. We discuss your video idea in detail. (or create a new idea if you're still pondering)

3. I will provide you with a final quote for a completed video. (excluding taxes)

Work Time

1. I get to work filming the various aspects of your upcoming video.

2. I take the filmed content into the editing room and begin piecing the video together in post.

3. I adjust colors, stabilize footage, add any needed text, denoise audio (when applicable), adjust audio levels, and finally compile the video.

(This process will typically take between 10 and 20 hours for a 3 minute video, depending on the nature of the content.)

Meeting in Person #2

1. We meet in person, once again.

2. I show you your new video!

3. We discuss any minor adjustments* you would like to make (within reason).

* Minor adjustments include changes to text, audio, and the color/warmth of the video.


1. I make the minor adjustments we discussed.

2. I compile the video.

3. I deliver the completed video to you!